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Updating to iOS 15 is mandatory? Here’s what could happen

The percentages of users who have updated their Apple devices to iOS 15 are lower than usual. Here’s how Apple could move

Software updates for An apple It is among the most anticipated events and discussions this year. Many new features are usually introduced, both in terms of the interface and the actual functionality. And the response from users is there for all to see, with very high refresh rates every year.

Apple is considering alternative ways to get users to update devices to iOS 15 (Unsplash)

with iOS 15However, something seems to have changed. Although the numbers exceed 60% of the total Of the compatible devices, Apple is still not satisfied. Especially if the data is compared with what happened after the release of iOS 13 e iOS 14. But what could happen to reverse the trend?

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Apple is moving to encourage the iOS 15 update

ios 15 20220116
Here’s what could happen as early as the next few weeks (Unsplash)

For any reason iOS 15 Wasn’t it as successful as its predecessors? Hard to say at the moment. One of the factors that drive users to stay loyal to iOS 14 is Security updates, is always accurate which arrived at the latest version with the previous version of the operating system. However, Apple is not there, is studying Some alternate moves to try to reverse the trend.

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First of all with Notices. You may have noticed too, but there are a lot of update alerts coming in lately and they are more intrusive than ever. The second method could be Stop security updates on iOS 14, in order to force users to switch to the updated operating system. And finally, the removal of the so-called “middle ways”. or After iOS 14.8 there will be no 14.8.1, but directly iOS 15. If you have also made the decision to stay faithful to the previous version of the system software, know that in the coming months you may “have” to update your device.

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