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ONE SITE ONLY, WEEK 1 PREVIEWS: Roberto discovers Tommy’s secret

ONE SITE ONLY, WEEK 1 PREVIEWS: Roberto discovers Tommy’s secret

The episodes of Un Posto al Sole in the first week of September 2023 are ready to surprise with lots of news and surprises.

The end of summer marked the return to the old TV schedule. Starting August 29th, in fact, The network has decided to broadcast the new season of Un Posto al Sole. It’s a really long lasting soap. Even though she was born in 1996, she never ceases to amaze the growing number of fans. It is also appreciated by new generations because of the complex dynamics and characters that will be discovered.

Previews from September 4-8 describe a week full of surprises. There will be surprises, as well as misunderstandings between the heroes. In particular, Nunzio will not be able to control his jealousy towards Rossella, Giulia will receive devastating news and Viola will witness an unpleasant scene.

Un Posto al Sole previews from September 4 to 7: Julia is devastated and jealous of the papal nuncio

The broadcast of Un Posto al Sole, in the first week of September 2023, will be a little strange. In fact, the usual Friday 8th episode will not be broadcast due to a sporting event. Therefore, the network decided to double the Thursday episode, so as not to disappoint the audience.

According to the progress, Nunzio will not be able to accept Rossella’s desire to marry Riccardo. For him, this would be a heavy blow due to his growing jealousy. To try to waste time and think of something else, he decides to stage a revenge on Alberto. But the girl will not be sure of the decision. He will begin to show uncertainty and doubts. Noticing his strange situation, Ricardo can only investigate the situation.

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Julia will be worried about Prika’s health – (IG@unpostosolerai3) –

Meanwhile, she will face off against Mariella and Serena. The first will decide to relieve tension with an appropriate apology. Unfortunately, things are not going in the right direction. This is partly due to the intervention of Guido, who intends to punish the two women for their behaviour.

Moreover, in the upcoming episodes, Julia will express all her interest in Prika. In fact, the dog will be diagnosed with dementia. The woman would like Luca’s support, but the latter seems more distant than ever.

Meanwhile, Viola witnesses an unexpected scene involving Damiano and Eduardo. She will see them exchanging money and she will panic. He won’t know exactly how to act, but he won’t want to let it go that way. Thus, he will begin to think that he can investigate what happened. Obviously, she must be very careful about her next moves.