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legacy, Sylvia’s affection is not enough and all hell breaks loose

legacy, Sylvia’s affection is not enough and all hell breaks loose

The hero couldn’t guess, but even on social media no one could get it right: “What’s this total? But who invents these connections?”

Mara Fratos


Silence, the sea, and the book of anxiety on the bedside table cannot be absent from my life, in addition to a novel by Zafón.

In yesterday’s new episode, Tuesday, May 14, A the legacy A new one has been crowned hero. she is Sylviawho after Trillo against Francesca and Tiziano, managed to overcome the latter in 100 seconds, thus managing sign in to In the guillotine With a total initial prize pool of 170,000 euros. “Now I wake up from this dream”Ha Hoot Everything in BredaFeelings The competitor, before starting with option five Words guide (General, Football, Framing, Equipment, and Theater), through which the stolen items were reduced to 21,250 euros. So, after a minute of legal time for contemplation had passed, Sylvia tried to express her opinion Answer“Writing on the card.”Scene‘:“Take a sigh, it’s over now.”Marco Liorni told her, trying to reassure her. “The theater and the framing inspired me above all to give this answer.”revealed the new heroine a moment before knowing that she was her own option Era mistake. the solution correctIn fact it wasthe total“, a word that literally sparkedBig fire sui social: We are XEspecially since many of the viewers who gathered to comment on the episode did not like (or understand) it at all Links think about it AuthorsAnd they certainly didn’t leave in the comments to say so.

Storm in L’Eredità, social media against the guillotine: “But do me a favor”

And Sylvia the new hero to the legacy. The competitor was able to outperform the veterans, Francesca and Tiziano, first in the trello, and then over the latter in 100 seconds, where she was able to keep the point at the buzzer, and then sign in to direct to guillotine. I arrived here with an initial prize pool of 170,000 euros, which reached 21,250 after three cuts, and I tried… communicate five o’clock Words guide Which were general, football, framing, numbers, and theatre. Sylvia, very excited, tried to provide the solution, by writing ‘scene’ on the card, but unfortunately that was the case. correct It was “gross”, an answer that the Rai 1 game show audience couldn’t agree with at all.

Like every evening, actually, I Viewers Those watching the episode gathered on Xwhere they have Comment I Links Authors and their selection word mysteriousWhich no one would have guessed: “Okay! I’m always confused by certain definitions!! I don’t see a definition that can be linked to anything!!”, “Did someone take it? It looks very messy to me!”“,”Since when is 90% guillotine nearly impossible? “, “Total????!!!! But do me a favor.”, “A little forced by football and theatre, authors take us back or drink less.”, “What the hell? But who makes up these connections?”. H Still: “It is a forced union and then total Dutch football, to say the least. But please really, the authors no longer know what to invent.”, “Spit F” by Cruyff is the first time I heard it., “Come on. It’s not possible with those words!”, “The word is: Go to hell.”, “To guess the word guillotine you have to be irrational.”, “You’re quite sick.”

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