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Arriva Caronte

Official announcement, Sharon has arrived, and this time it will be very difficult »

Sharon has arrived After Hannibal and Scipion, the third group is about to arrive very Difficult African anticyclone summer 2022 which has not yet started from a purely astronomical point of view: in fact, it is already preparing, Sharon.

Charon in literature and mythology is one of the guardians of Dante’s Inferno, depicted with eyes as red as burning embers and bent on transporting spirits.

For us, who will start at least one match The week (or unfortunately 10 days!) is among the hottest of all time For the whole month of June and the summer season, Caronte will double metaphor: On the one hand, it will transport us to a period completely characterized by “infernal” heat, and on the other hand it will transport us to the heart of summer, that period between the solstice of June 21-22 and the beginning of July, historically and climatically among the hottest, this is the beating heart of this season.

But summer should not always be seen as suffering due to increasingly hotter temperatures, unfortunately due to the known changes and the ongoing climatic temperature rise, but this is the season it brings, let us remember it again! , hope (many), then many memories, whether it’s a vacation, or just a weekend, one night, one star.

Charon is backCharon is backwarm record Sharon warm record Sharon

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