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In just 47 days, a signal was repeated in deep space 1,652 times

In just 47 days, a signal was repeated in deep space 1,652 times

after, after A radio signal has been found near the center of our galaxy2019 analysis captured 1,652 fast radio pulses nickname FRB121102. This is a new record for these signals. Such numbers of fast radio bursts (FRBs) had never before been detected.

No periodic tag was found, that means it It wasn’t a single source that caused these signals, but several different sources. In short, experts will now have to search for other possible causes of the phenomenon … In addition to magnetars, the main suspects by astronomers.

Fast radio bursts have baffled experts since they were “only” detected in 2007, because they are really powerful signals It can be as powerful as hundreds of millions of suns. Very few FRBs repeat over time – obviously from those discovered by astronomers – and so far FRB121102 is the most important (recently, moreover, we have Until I found a radio flash inside our galaxy).

The signal was found in a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away It occurs in a cycle of 90 days of activity and 67 days of silence. Between August 29 and October 29, 2019, 1,652 individual radio bursts were detected from the source, for a total of 59.5 hours of recordings. The “record” was the most relevant Repeat 122 bursts over an hour, the highest activity ever seen in a fast radio burst source.

One thing is certain from the new study published in the prestigious journal temper nature: magnetars may not be the only source of fast radio bursts; If the explosions were caused by a mechanism on the surface of the star, It should appear periodically and not “randomly”. However, it could be an unknown mechanism for the magnets themselves.

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One thing, however, is certain: Astronomers will have to examine a long time yet These phenomena and these stellar bodies.