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Commissioner Montalbano: “Ricardino” will be finished. indiscretion

For more than twenty years Commissioner Montalbano He keeps the company of the Italian public. A successful television series, suitable for families who, season after season, have won more and more praise and, above all, fans. And now for those who have given up on not being able to watch new chapters on TV anymore, Good news arrives.

Salvo Montalbano, a character taken from the novels of Andrea Camilleri and professionally translated by Luca Zingaretti, will continue. Actually to keep our company for a while. To announce one of the main actors of the show, Angelo Russo, who since the first release plays the role of Agatino Cattarella, Vigata’s beloved assistant commissioner who conquered the hearts of the audience with humor and irony.

The actor, as reported by the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, said that Palomar, a production company Commissioner MontalbanoIt would have been revealed to him that it had been scheduled two more episodes To conclude the series of novels broadcast on television. However, nothing is known yet about the timing of implementation and broadcast.

At the moment, in fact, it is just out of indiscretion, albeit completely reliable. In the Rai charts, there is still no trace of the new episodes. However, it will be a matter of time before the new chapter, “Riccardino”, is put into programming.

This news brings a smile to the very affectionate fans Commissioner Montalbano Think about After receiving it for sure last March, when it aired “The Catalanote Method”, which reached about 9,016,000 spectators with a 38.4% rate.

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With the creation of “Riccardino”, all the requests of those who wanted to be able to see the diversion will also be met From the latest novels From the successful epic of Andrea Camilleri, written in 2005, revised in 2016 and published posthumously in 2020, before final closing.

Curiosity grows. Luca ZingarettiIn the event of the new final episode, will you return to play the role of Salvo Montalbano? And the fans, even before receiving this news, had urged him to return to translate Commissioner to give a worthy finale to the series with “Ricardino”. For more news, one can only wait and hope that the wish of millions and millions of spectators will finally come true.