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"Not yet widespread in Italy, keep the benefit"

“Not yet widespread in Italy, keep the benefit”

“The Omicron variant is not yet significantly widespread in Italy. We have an advantage, we have to keep it, we know it will not last long. But 10 days if 4-5 million third dose and it will make a difference. The control room meets Thursday, and no decision is made: let’s evaluate based on the data. Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, Thus with the risks associated with the Omicron variant, Covid reveals himself about the emergency. The control room meets on Thursday, December 23, which may take additional steps to combat the development of infections.

There is a concern on the part of the government that not being concerned in such a situation is not serious.. We face each other, hands on numbers. We will evaluate possible solutions – Speranza- explains. However, I think we are at a different stage compared to last year: at Christmas last year we were in the red zone with the most difficult closures of all holidays and pre-holiday days. With so many more deaths, we have been hospitalized three times more than in intensive care. Now that there are no restrictions, economic activity is open: we have launched a major vaccination campaign, with 88.5% of people over the age of 12 taking the first dose and 85.3% taking the second dose.

In recent days, Italy has touched 30 thousand daily. “The situation is difficult at the Italian and European levels, Even though one-third of our daily infections are in Great Britain and half in France and Germany. There has been significant growth over the last few weeks, and if it continues like this, there is a risk that our health facilities will be in trouble, ”said Speranza Ace Tempo Se Fa.

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“We will evaluate the adequacy of our activities with our scientists and the scientific community. In the meantime we have made some choices, extending the state of emergency and raising attention compared to those coming from other European countries. Omicron has not spread significantly yet, we will check further tomorrow The situation of differences in our country. We’ll see how the curve develops, and we’ll have this meeting with scientists on Thursday, “he told the Control Room.” Actions will always be weighed against the severity of the situation. “

“We have been aware of the Omigran variant for a few weeks now, with first data showing that the third dose vaccine allows for a very significant level of protection. More than 14 million people in Italy have taken the third dose, which is excellent. Within a few weeks, we will be able to find out when the Omigran variant will be most prevalent in our country. We have an advantage over other countries and we should try to retain it: For another 10 days, at a rate of 450-470 thousand doses, about 5 million recalls, ”he says.

“The third dose and the mask are the most important shield. My call is to do the third dose and wear the mask in all cases of danger: with these 2 weapons we can have significant armor,” he reiterated.

Vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 has just begun “More than 52,000 children, including my two children Michael and Emma, ​​took the first dose. They had a good experience and somehow had a festive atmosphere. The health service welcomes young children. I talked to our pediatrician as a father. I humbly recommend that all families talk to pediatricians who take care of our children’s problems throughout their lives, “says Speranza.

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