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Bad weather will return, but it will be rainy, Russia is not cold, only snow in the mountains.  Here are the details 3B Meteo

Bad weather will return, but it will be rainy, Russia is not cold, only snow in the mountains. Here are the details 3B Meteo

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Atlantic recovery, it will be without bad weather but cold – The forecast for the coming Christmas week is constantly enriched with details, the hypothesis of the arrival of the Russian winter is systematically set aside, and we try to understand what characteristics of the expected bad weather and what parts of the peninsula. Beats too much. The Great Ring Depression, which covers the whole of Europe, will be the result of the connection between the icy Russian-Scandinavian crater and the milder Atlantic, but we will gradually come to this union. 20 to 22 at the start of the week December Cold currents of Russian origin They can still reach part of the peninsula, which directly affects the northern and central Adriatic regions. At this point, the temperature will drop to low values ​​and especially in the eastern fields. When Wet and moderate currents will start coming from the west Related to the Atlantic Spiral approach.

Time will begin to change meanings, The interference between two different masses of air will form the former Cloud thickening And sometimes there may be some weak and isolated events. The climate will still be there Pretty cool, Especially in the Adriatic areas and in the north there will be no more fog and fog Frosts.

Then from December 23rd Cold Russian excuse, A vortex will be triggered in the Barents Sea and begin to recede from southeastern Europe, and cold winds will move westward creating a longer cycle north. United Kingdom There the temperature will drop and the snowfall will come at a lower altitude. The cold air will continue its march across the open Atlantic, where it will engage in air pressure that will bring it back to Western Europe. It is with this depression that we have to deal with these days Christmas and Boxing Day. The The Mediterranean and Italy are prone to wet and very light currents Pioneer Heavy rain too And Snowfall But this will only affect all possibilities Alps And medium high quote. The climate will be mild, The frosts in the north disappear and the fog gradually disappears. It is still very difficult to accurately establish the parts of the peninsula that are most affected by bad weather but we believe it. Central-northern regions And the Tyrrhenian areas may be more involved, especially in the far south. The period of the next period should inherit these traits and take us towards the New Year in anticipation of new obstacles.

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