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Nightmarish kitchens, Cannavacciolo cries and has to leave the restaurant: I’ve never seen a chef so exhausted

Nightmarish kitchens, Cannavacciolo cries and has to leave the restaurant: I’ve never seen a chef so exhausted

Antonino Cannavacciolo – Evod

Nightmare Kitchens by Chef Antonino Cannavacciolo. The shocked chef is forced to leave the room.

Antonino Cannavacciolo He’s the gentle giant of television. The chef is in addition to being one of the most famous judges Chef He is also the protagonist of another exciting form.

In fact, in culinary talent he forms an inseparable trio with his colleagues Giorgio Locatelli And Bruno BarbieriWith whom a harmony was born that amazes the audience Hell’s Kitchen He’s the only showman.

A program born in 2013, in which the chef arrives as a modern savior to revive the fortunes of dire straits and restaurants.

But sometimes the water you see are the tears of heroes. In one episode, we saw the chef leaving the room annoyed. Let’s see what happened.

Nightmare kitchens: trend in Cannavaciolo

On the air for 10 years and now in its ninth season, Hell’s Kitchen “She is old now,” said Chef A Vanity gallery: “Cucine da Incubo is now outdated, but I am still convinced of the need to bring innovation to those who work in restaurants. After so many years, people should take the teachings we have given and make them their own.”

But even though in recent years we have truly seen him perform a miracle where it seemed there was nothing left to do, he asserts: “I don’t perform miracles, and I don’t have a magic wand. But I do have 30 years of Italian catering experience on my side.” to Movie player He went into detail and explained about the restaurant owners he helps“What I do is take them back to the early days, when there was the desire to work, the enthusiasm, the cleanliness and the fresh flowers. That week I don’t perform miracles, I take them and try to get them back on track.”

Carbonara cannavacciolo
Insult carbonara – ifood

What happened

Antonino Cannavacciolo He often found himself in situations that were nothing short of tragic and unsustainable. A common problem in many of the places visited is the lack of communication between the staff and the chef, and often the latter’s incompetence or neglect. When you cook without passion, this state of mind is reflected in the dishes. Even when you don’t know what you’re doing.

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In the fifth episode of the eighth season Cannavacciolo He found himself facing a situation that made him leave the restaurant sad. He called the chef into the room to explain to him why the carbonara had such a strange taste, and asked: “What’s in this carbonara? Tell me how to do it right.” The cook answers frankly: “With garlic or onions?” In the face of such heresy, what could the distinguished chef do but walk away miserable.