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“I’m attracted to you”

“I’m attracted to you”

Beatrice Luzzi And Massimiliano Vareseinside a house Big brotherFrom the first moments, it appeared as two real moments Enemies. During the first few weeks, even civil coexistence seemed almost impossible, as every word between them turned into loud arguments and harsh words flew regularly. However, at a certain point in their journey, the two decided to put an end to their misunderstanding and get to know each other better, to the point that they became… Excellent friends. To go on a date Beatrice and Massimiliano get along very wellSo much so that in the last hours, Varys also revealed an unpublished side of his feelings for her she has. Here’s what he said.

gfThe confrontation between Beatrice and Massimiliano: he announces himself

In the past few hours, Massimiliano Varese and Beatrice Luzzi faced off deep During which they had a heart-to-heart talk about what could have happened between them if they had made different decisions during their journey on the reality show.

particularly, Varys shocked his girlfriend Beatrice with a true statement: “I’ve been attracted to you at times, especially when we started getting to know each other. You are a woman who is attracted if someone looks at you in another way. You and I could have had a story here“, said Massimiliano. A confession that Lozi certainly did not expect, and yet she did not react to it with disdain but simply a surprise And maybe even a modicum of satisfaction.

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Stay with your feet on the floor However, Beatrice responded His saying: “That could be the case, but it wouldn’t be a good idea“That’s because Lozi thinks so Together they will be very powerful indeed The group could have been badly divided, especially between the younger ones, creating problems and tensions. In short, in other words, according to Beatrice, they could have ended up talking only and exclusively about the couple, putting everyone else in the background, and this would have created strong friction.

Big brotherAnd Beatrice and Garibaldi? The story is closed

All this without mentioning it BeatriceInside the house, he was (and perhaps still is a little) drawn to it Giuseppe GaribaldiWho had some kind of romantic history. But now, it seems that there is definitely one between the two The story is closed, so much so that Beatrice herself began to agree with the roommates who never thought their story could be a lasting one. In fact, she herself said:I did something crazy“, admitting to herself and others that she is the pretty reckless Regarding his feelings towards Garibaldi.