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Next week, 2 strong disturbances with very low cloudbursts and snow will hit Italy

Next week, 2 strong disturbances with very low cloudbursts and snow will hit Italy

Cold next week

Over the next week, 2 strong disturbances will hit Italy, bringing heavy rain (with the risk of storms) and even snow at very low altitudes.

Already on the weekend and then especially Monday 27 November With arrival we will feel the first signs of a change in the weather Cold air from Northern Europe. Cold currents entering from the Rhône Gate (south-eastern France) favor the formation of Cyclone In our seas Capable of heavy rainfall and strong winds.

The first chaos will hit our country Monday 27th night and Tuesday 28th morningWhen there is danger Snow up to very low altitudes (about 150/200 meters, if not less during heavy rains) up to Piedmont, Western Lombardy.
Later, the worsening will spread to the rest of the Mid-South: given the strong contrasts between the different air masses (and still very warm oceans). Storms with the risk of premises flood (up to 150 liters of rain can fall in 24 hours) especially up to Lazio, Campania and Calabria.
In the next few days, thanks Cold front passageThe temperature They will collapse With values ​​falling below the climatological average across Italy: extended ones are expected in the mid-north Frosts Up to plains during night and early morning hours.

It doesn’t end here. A second disturbance may reach our country between Friday 1st Friday and Saturday 2nd December, prompting fresh and intense rains. Given the still very long temporal distance, uncertainties increase here: however, it appears that the cold and eventful phase may continue. Fresh snow surprises to very low elevations (locally to plains). The areas most favorable for snowfall in the plains will be parts of the central-western Po Valley, but parts of Emilia Romagna cannot be excluded at present.
However, we will inform you about this in our next review.

Cold air towards Italy: Bad weather cyclone in the Mediterranean

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