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America, the story of the American dream on Prime Video is the story of the Italians who made it

America, the story of the American dream on Prime Video is the story of the Italians who made it

David Ippolito’s documentary New York Solo Andata, produced by LuckyHorn Entertainment, will be available November 17.

New York is one way the story of the American dream. From the first Italian immigrant flows in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to today, the story of the journey to the Big Apple through the voices of those who, with courage and determination, have made their dreams come true and distinguished themselves in various fields. and professional activities thanks to a single class: New York City.
The city that never sleeps has always represented the gateway to America and the American dream, holding great opportunity and success in the collective imagination.
Among those speaking for themselves are Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General in New York, Fabio Finotti, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Antonino La Spina, Director of the Italian Trade Agency of NY, former President of the Council. Ministers Lamberto Dini, journalist Federico Rambini, author and professor of New York University Antonio Monda, Rafael Guida (Ello the Barber of New York, a well-known face on social media), Riccardo Forlenza Global Managing Director of IBM, journalist and literary mentor Marta Ciccolari Migaldi (her stage name creator of the educational program La McMusa, through which he organizes American literature courses in Europe and literary tours to the United States), Mark Urcelli (active sound engineer with three Grammys), composer and composer Fabrizio Mancinelli (Oscar-winning conductor for the soundtrack to the film Green Book) and entrepreneur, Many lecturers in the world of art and culture.
The documentary’s music is by Mirko Ettore D’Agostino and the final song, over which the credits roll, is “L’Ultima Sera”, a solo by Cristiano Cosa written exclusively for the film with Francesco Gaudio. Released at the end of October and produced by Luckyhorn Entertainment, this song tries to channel the energy from the documentary’s protagonists into a single track: a song dedicated to those who don’t forget their roots and dream of making it. , perhaps day, to return home using the experiences made. New York Solo Antada and the single’s production were both overseen by executive producer Simone D’Andrea.

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The film’s director and producer David Ippolito of his LuckyHorn Entertainment announces: “New York Solo Andata is a film I’ve wanted to make since I set foot in this city. The opportunity to compare myself to many successful Italians in America strengthened my love for this country and especially for New York City, where I decided to move my family and part of my entrepreneurial activities.

David Ippolito, born in Naples and based in New York, is internationally regarded as one of the leading reputation experts, publisher, director and producer of films and documentaries. Already an author of Amazon Prime Video. Business+ Founder. He is Scientific Director of Reputation Research in New York of the Italian American Reputation Laboratory – IARL, and performs consulting roles for NIAF (National Italian American Foundation), Confindustria, Federmanager, universities, Confindustria, research organizations and various Italian companies. He has also held consultancy positions in national and international organizations. He has a reputation and is a commentator for newspapers and television as an expert on issues surrounding America. In 2023 the book “Against Stereotypes. The Real Fame of the Italian American” and has published 4 books on reputation and two articles distributed by Mondatori. Columnist for Formiche, ilSettimanale, Reputation Review and various scientific journals. He has held faculty positions at Rome La Sapienza University and Management Training Institutes and lectures at Emory University in Atlanta.