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Netflix Games: Dead Cells arrives in October for subscribers

Netflix Games: Dead Cells arrives in October for subscribers

Netflix It revealed two new games that will join the catalog of mobile phone games that can be enjoyed without additional costs and advertisements by all subscribers to the live broadcast platform within a month. October 2023. Specifically let’s talk about it Dead Cells: Netflix Edition and Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill.

in Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill Players take on the role of Skullface, a crazy, psychopathic killer. The goal will be to eliminate the two camps in the bloodiest and most creative ways, from classic hacking operations using sharp weapons to rolling boulders through the levels to crush the victims in question. It will be available from October 24th.

Better known as Dead Cells, a 2D horizontally scrolling roguelike with Metroidvania elements capable of selling over 10 million consoles across PC, consoles and mobile which will be available in the Netflix Games catalog from October 31, 2023 With all the many DLC published so far, including Return to Castlevania, which you can read our review of.

Netflix gaming continues to expand

For those who don’t know, Netflix Games is a service that’s included with your Netflix subscription and allows you to access their catalog of games More than 50 games For iOS and Android mobile devices without additional costs, advertising, in-game purchases or additional fees of any kind. Among the latest additions there is also the narrative adventure Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, which you can read our review of.