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Google Drive on the web is updated with a new Activities section

Google Drive on the web is updated with a new Activities section

Google Drive has introduced a New page called “Activities” in the web version The service that contains all the main operations related to our account in one place. Just to give some examples, the change will provide users with a central section where we will be able to see pending access requests, file approvals, and recent comments.

Access will be very simple, from then on We will find the option in the left panel It will replace the simple version that we found on the right at the beginning with the current version. We’ll talk about it in the future tense, because we haven’t tried it yet as the full release will happen by the end of the month.

Thanks to it we will be able to easily manage recent activities by quickly navigating in the respective sections and can view them backwards over the past 30 days. Here’s a GIF showing how it looks and works

This feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers indiscriminately, and will actually improve the visibility and overall usability of the web version. In fact, as mentioned above, Google is announcing that distribution of the new Activity page has begun for Express Release domains but may take up to 15 days to complete. For scheduled release domains, phased distribution will begin on October 30.

We remind you that Drive, although currently only available in English, is one of the first Google services to benefit from integration with Bard, the digital assistant based on generative artificial intelligence. Thanks to it, it is possible to collect data within it, and to create texts or graphics related to the contents, relying on personal data at our discretion. And on the topic of generative AI, did you know that Google has confirmed that Google Assistant will soon get smarter thanks to Bard? It’s a similar and largely predictable move to that of Amazon’s Alexa, which will soon become more proactive and able to manage complex dialogues.

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