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Nearly 2 million volumes in the "freezer"

Nearly 2 million volumes in the “freezer”

Vaccination against monkey flu in the United States is urgent. Bavarian Nordic, Danish company producing The only shield product approved by the US FDA Against Monkey box virusBertha, U.S. Commission for Advanced Biomedical Research, Ordered another 500,000 dose of frozen liquid vaccine, With delivery in 2022. Considering the previous barta order for 1.4 million dosesIssued in 2020, states confirm ‘In the freezer’ Almost total 2 million sizes, The Scandinavian company is once again adjusting its expectations for the financial results of 2022 upwards.

Bavarian Nordic smallpox vaccine It is recognized in the United States and Canada as Jynneos * and Imvamune *, respectively. In both countries the product is marked both For smallpox in humans and monkeys. The vaccine is approved in Europe as Imvanex *, and currently refers only to the greatness of humans, but the product has not previously been used on the label in response to the monkey box.

And in light of the growing monkey pox outbreak in the countries of the Old Continent, the European Pharmaceuticals Agency That was announced by Emma in early June “We are in talks with Imvanex. To prepare an application to extend its reference to the prevention of monkey flu, Based on the evidence already available.

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