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NASA Perseverance examines Yuri's Passage while looking ahead to the future of NASA's creativity

NASA Perseverance examines Yuri’s Passage while looking ahead to the future of NASA’s creativity

The world’s interest in space, these days, is all for NASA Artemis mission directed towards the moon. However, in space, there are many other operational missions like Mars 2020 that include NASA’s Perseverance vehicle and the NASA drone ingenuity who continue to carry out operations on the red planet. The aim is to study the Jezero crater area, especially the river delta that once formed a lake.

In sedimentary rocks traces may be hidden past microbial life. It will be one of the most important discoveries ever for humanity, which is why the mission also includes collecting samples on site and then sending them back to Earth thanks to the Mars sample return mission that should land on our planet around the first part of the ’30. This will allow for more detailed analyzes with the best tools available to scientists and not just with those that can be installed on the ship Mars rover. Here’s the latest news.

NASA Perseverance and NASA Ingenuity: The Latest News

starting from Mars roverthis is is found in the named area Yuri bassNear the river delta (now dried up). There are different types of rocks here includingSandstone Which consists of grains of sand that are carried by water from far away and then fuse with others to form the rock that exists now NASA Perseverance check.

Katie Stack Morgan He said (from JPL) “We often prioritize the study of fine-grained sedimentary rocks like these in our search for organic matter and potential biological signatures.”. What’s particularly interesting about the Yori Pass outcrop is that it’s the equivalent of the “Hogwallow Flats,” where we found fine-grained sedimentary rock. This means that the rock bed is about the same height as Hogwallow and has a large, traceable footprint visible on the surface.”.

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Mars persistence

Currently NASA Perseverance It contains 14 rock samples, one atmospheric sample, and three samples that detect potential ground contamination. When the fifteenth specimen was collected at Yori Pass Mars rover It will move 227 meters to the southeast where there is a sand dune called Mount Watch. A sample will be collected from here The richas described above.

regarding NASA’s ingenuity Instead, it was the performance of the drone So far 33 flights Covering nearly 4 miles and flying together for just under an hour. Unimaginable result before the start of the mission. The success was so great that NASA I also thought of using Two identical drones to Mars sample return mission with perseverance.

Mars ingenuity

According to the latest updates, these Drones Call Sample recovery helicopter It will use, instead of fixed pins like NASA’s ingenuityof small wheels. In addition, there will also be a small robotic arm with a gripper that will be used to collect the test tubes that will be left in specific places of perseverance. The drones will serve as a backup mission in case the rover is unavailable for some reason. to explain These details I was Bob BalaramCreator of creativity. Looking to the future, the development of a drone with a payload capacity of up to 5kg is still in the early conceptual stages, which will be more complex and powerful than creativity, while ensuring a greater scientific contribution.

Every time balram They showed how with ingenuity, considering it was the first time a drone had ever flown to another planet, the engineers limited some of the technical aspects. For example, it was expected to be able to fly at a maximum speed of 1 km/day. On the other hand, future drones will be able to reach greater distances by flying at a speed of 10km/sol. The engineer also emphasized the importance of being able to fly over treacherous areas (such as sandbanks) or being able to carry payloads and distribute them on the ground in different areas. All without careful planning by the control center but allowing integrated artificial intelligence and more powerful processors to carry out the calculations.

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