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It's Moon Night, NASA Celebrates It With "Mona Lisa"

It’s Moon Night, NASA Celebrates It With “Mona Lisa”

NASA chose the image of Italian Marcella Giulia Pace entitled “Moona Lisa”, in which the image of the Mona Lisa appears from a mixture of color images of the moon.

Art and science come together to celebrate Moon Night: NASA chose International Observe the Moon Night Portrait of Italian Marcella Julia Pace entitled “Mona Lisa”., where the image of the Mona Lisa appears from a mixture of color images of the moon.

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“It is a work of visual art that combines science, art, observation, perception, illusion and creativity: all terms that fit perfectly with Leonardo da Vinci’s attitude toward reality,” notes the Sicilian amateur astronomer, author of the image, and now a NASA veteran. Picture of the day in astronomy (Apod). “Leonardo da Vinci realized that the reasons that explain the color of the sky are the same as that which determine the different colors of the moon at its rising or at its birth,” notes Pace. Watching the Mona Lisa closely, “the face and many of the moons appear in their natural colors, arranged as if they were the pixels of an ordinary photograph.”

The final image, continues the image’s author, “is a remixing of the work created in 1997 by Gianni Sarconi, which reproduced Leonardo’s masterpiece with 142 perfectly spaced colored beads, placed at the intersections of a two-dimensional triangular fantasy grid.

Here, instead of balls, is a panel of colored moons taken from the “Colors of the Moon” image, a photograph of Marcella Julia Pace at NASA Abode on November 11, 2020. The moon has been inserted into the panel, and this is the luminous appearance on the moon’s dark surface of reflected solar luminescence. by terrestrial oceans, which was described by Leonardo da Vinci more than 500 years ago.

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