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Soon we must leave the earth: dreadful reason


The news is this: We must leave Earth before long. the reason? Chilling, let’s find out now

Planet Earth (Pixabay)

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there newsletter We will never want to read it, which even if it seems very predictable with Years And therefore far from us, they terrify us and push us to this reflection. One of these is the one standing Tremble for fear In recent days this is not wishes Nothing good. Before long, in fact, we should Leaves Earth since life on this planet no longer exists possible. The reason really relax: Let’s immediately find out everything there is to know about him.

We will leave the Earth: this will happen

In 5 billion years, Earth will be uninhabitable
Sun and Earth (Pixabay)

give it experts So comes the news we didn’t want to know. Approximately 5 In a billion years, the Sun will have used up all of its fuel will die. Before that happens, however, Earth will become Cyclops and life on our planet is no longer possible. Let’s find out right away the detailswhat will happen from there It comes closely, although this is not the case imminent.

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to me Explain it They are the experts, as described in one article Hinge and comprehensive on the dedicated website”www.passioneastonmia.itWhat will happen will be truly incredible and alarming. We know that Sun is, now, Half of its life cycle, in fact between about 5 Billions of years will become one giant Red, before finally turning into an elf white. This process, as mentioned earlier, will continue Millions For years, but what will happen to the Earth?

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our staronce the hydrogen in it is depleted internalIt’ll be gigantic until you reach itorbit from Mercury. But what does this mean? This means that the file Temperatures They’ll get red hot and one last time, too corn From hydrogen it will turn into new helium collapse Which will raise the temperature to 10 In the 8 grades Kelvin. With those numbers, helium does will melt In carbon and oxygen and Venus will also come Swallow.

At that time a life Man will no longer exist on Earth, like conditionI will not be able to guarantee life. The Astronomy scientists They show themselves divided into two sides consideration: Some believe that this planet may be inclusion From the Sun turned into a red giant, others are convinced that the Earth You will succeed to save yourself. Even if you want to follow the latter Possibilityvery high temperatures It will dry our planet completely, so as to make it literally a Hell.

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However, scientists call us to this to hope Until then, there will be a way to do that Manufacture Other new discoveries may be available starmaybe smaller, but with the same thing Features of Earth, capable of hosting organisms livingin order to continue to live And we continue our work Civilization.


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