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Menopause: Tips for losing weight with a healthy diet

Menopause is a very delicate moment for every woman: mood swings, hot flashes, feelings of anxiety and confusion are all due to the complex hormonal process one goes through due to physiological (and biological) reasons.

All this “turmoil” also leads to weight gain, and many women find it difficult to accept the extra 3 kilograms that they find themselves in spite of themselves, and they want to regain their figure at any cost.

Once you enter menopause, The body needs fewer caloriesHence, to eliminate those extra kilos, it is necessary to follow a diet.

Which? Let’s see it together.

Menopause diet

Meals should be organized differently to avoid extra calories.

It is recommended to do 5, in order not to arrive at lunch or dinner with excessive hunger, thus bypassing the extra calories that could result from “overeating”.

Also necessary Limit simple sugars and fried foods as well as salt It is found in products such as salami and canned products.

By significantly reducing the amount of salt, we will also reduce water retention, and get rid of extra pounds.

But no one likes to eat without salt … So how do we do that? Just replace it with herbs. Furthermore, red meats should be consumed in moderation as well as fatty cheeses.

Reducing estrogen

Since then in this delicate period There is a decrease in estrogen It is possible to compare it with foods rich in it, such as legumes and soybeans, but also through vegetables and fruits.

recommended amount? 5 servings per day between fruits and vegetables so that you can provide the body with all the nutrients it needs, such as vitamins and fibre.

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Since menopause is closely related to osteoporosis, it is also necessary to eat foods rich in calcium, such as spinach and chard, or vitamin D. It is present in large quantities in eggs and fish.

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