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NASA Ingenuity is preparing for the first trip in 2022 to Mars, and it will be tomorrow

NASA Ingenuity is preparing for the first trip in 2022 to Mars, and it will be tomorrow

We recently wrote about the photos China released of Tianwen-1 مهمة mission The European Russian vehicle is presented ExoMars Rosalind FranklinAlmost ready Mars. But American missions are also active on the Red Planet, including the duo he formed NASA persevere and yes NASA ingenuity.

The first is to explore the areas south of Al Sitah and in Sample collection Which will be returned to Earth by Mars sample return circa 2033 Martian drones Instead, it is preparing for its maiden flight for 2022, having already exceeded the expectations of engineers who expected a maximum of five tests (and did not even know if it would be able to take off from Earth). Now we are writing about the nineteenth flight.

NASA Ingenuity prepares for the 19th flight to Mars

As mentioned From the official blog For the mission, the First flight in 2022 (nineteenth in total) will try to bring Drone In the direction of the river delta that once filled the lake formed inside Jezero crater, thus after Perseverance in the rover And help him in the processes of analysis and exploration from a different point of view.

The flight is scheduled to be no earlier than January 7, 2022 and will allow a flight NASA ingenuity To leave the sandy area of South Intermediate. Thanks to the possibility of flying through the air, it will be possible to overcome the split ledge and the main plateau. On the other hand, the rover is currently at a distance of about 550 meters with the crow hovering, but since it cannot fly, it will have to take a longer and safer route to avoid damage or cover up.

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The purpose of flight 19 was Martian drones is getting close to The landing area for the eighth flight (which happened in June of last year). To be able to safely understand where to land, the color photos of Camera back to Earth (RTE) captured During the ninth flight (Implemented in early July 2021).

NASA ingenuity

This should be the area where Ingenuity will land on its 19th flight

Some of the features of the new unmanned Mars flight

As the engineers explained, the trip wouldn’t be particularly long but it wouldn’t require it. Due to the lack of rocks, the navigation system (based on the analysis of black and white images) had difficulty drawing the course correctly during the eighteenth flight. to avoid NASA ingenuity Earlier than expected, the security parameters will be changed to ignore part of the warnings “Unknown road”.

During this period (summer) the density of the Martian atmosphere is lower, forcing engineers to increase the rotation of the rotors by consuming more energy. In order to avoid excessive consumption of a single flight, flights are shorter than in winter. the nineteenth flight From NASA ingenuity It should be 63 meters long and 100″ long. The speed will be equal to 1 m/s at a maximum height of 10 meters. The color camera will again be used to take nine pictures. The latter will also capture the river delta after a 180-degree rotation (for future missions).

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