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what is he talking about?  She suffers from it

what is he talking about? She suffers from it

imposter syndrome? what is he talking about? What are the signs to consider? She suffers from it.

Mental health (Image via Pixabay)

What is meant by Impostor syndrome? The term was first used only at the end of the 1970s and identifies a group of people convinced of does not deserve success. Specifically, the person He is neither skilled nor able to justify end line Arrived.

And that’s why he doesn’t recognize his own successes It is easier for her to take credit for external components. There are three me behaviors occur often. first of all tilt to controla detachment from reality And the constant demand for Help others.

Why, then, are we talking about crooks? This is very simple: those who do not consider themselves worthy to reach such a position feel that they are gods in some way crooksAs if they had cheated to make it happen Goal.

Impostor syndrome, statements come directly from Arisa

LEI Impostor Syndrome
Arisa (photo from Instagram)

In fact, it is not infrequently believed that a file satiation Obtained comes directly from a stroke of luck. one of Fears The biggest thing for people with this syndrome is that the evening is somehow Not convincingprecisely because we think we are cheaters and full of secrets.

It was specifically about this disease Arissa Add a new shape inside the giant Netflix. The woman allowed herself to go to emotions He admitted some aspects of his past life. These feelings opposed her and influenced her in one of her love stories.

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memo Singer She stated, without many words, that she took care of her partner more than being single Mom That’s like a fiancee, describing it and presenting it to people he almost met as a good match. Just to make it look good in other people’s eyes.

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In fact, Arisa claimed that the man deserved more than her. In addition, this state of mind always led her to see him sad, and to blame him. This was also joined by a strong feeling of discomfort and discomfort.