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Long list of recognized occupational diseases 2022


Recognized occupational diseases are unfortunately part of a long list. Inail provides economic compensation to workers, but let’s get acquainted with the occupations included in the list.


the occupational diseases They are all diseases that arise due to the work done. These are health problems that are of particular interest to a certain group of workers in malicious activities. The consequences of the occupation could be more or less dangerous, give her Breathing difficulties for tumors, from rashes for chemical diseases. Inail admits people who do work are in danger Economic allowances When the disease arises. But what are these professions?

Disability check, now there are official parameters: This is who

Recognized occupational diseases, there are three blacklists

I created Enali Three assorted menu Introduce diseases related to jobs that are considered dangerous and the reason for their appearance. List No. 1 includes diseases with High probability from the start of work. List No. 2 lists diseases with Limited possibility While list number 3 includes infected diseases Potential employment source.

List 1, high probability

List #1 is divided into Six groups. The first group includes all diseases related to chemical agents Such as pulmonary fibrosis, bronchial asthma, conjunctivitis and rhinitis due to contact with vinyl or copper chloride. In the second group, we find the diseases they cause physical agents. Disc herniation, microtrauma, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, retinal lesions, epicondylitis, all diseases related to Manual load handling or using a laser or constantly repetitive activities during the work shift.

A reward for those suffering from these diseases with a discount on the electricity bill

The third group includes diseases Biological factors Such as hepatitis A, B and C or HIV. After that, the fourth group includes diseases Respiratory system For gases, welds, asbestos or free crystalline silica while the penultimate group includes skin diseases. These can be caused by ionizing or infrared radiation. Finally, the sixth group includes tumor diseases Due to arsenic, asbestos or wood dust.

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Occupational diseases, list 2 with limited probability

The second list of recognized occupational diseases is formed by Four groups. ranges fromRheumatoid arthritis From the first group in tendinitis From the Achilles tendon of the second group to me Tumors The third group is due to petroleum or gasoline refining or ionizing radiation. Finally, the fourth group includes Mental illness or psychosomatic Because of the organization of work.

List 3, the possibilities

The latter list includes diseases with Work possibility Like pulmonary fibrosis or plaques of the pleura due to ceramic fibrils, thoracic outlet syndrome, or Dupuytrand disease. Then, in list number three, I Tumors Bonded to vinyl chloride or cobalt.


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