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How will you protect the painting from thieves?

Quiz: Today you will have to put yourself in the place of the exit and protect a very valuable board from the attack of thieves

Today we will find out if you are able to visualize the situation and find it solution, maybe in less than a minute. The ability to complete a Logic When you are under pressure, it is not easy, quite the opposite. Anxiety of having to Reply in seconds It can lead you to make a mistake. Let’s see what you are capable of. remarkably, This test has no scientific validity It is entertainment for our readers only.

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You are the boss An important museum and you decided to rent one of your most valuable works to another museum. This painting will remain in custody in the other museum for two months while you organize it shipment. For security reasons, I decided to send the painting in one Safe inaccessible. You only have the group and you can’t communicate it to the other manager because someone might intercept you. How will you organize the shipment? Think calmly and then respond. Bad, you will find the solution below.

test solution

The Logic and inference test They can also turn out to be a lot of fun. Thinking of a solution will allow you to always keep your mind active. Many experts, in fact, recommend it to test Every day with such puzzles, it can bring great benefits to your private life as well.

a test
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If you guessed the correct answer, we congratulate you because this quiz was very complicated. If, on the contrary, you reach solution Without having an idea how to answer, don’t worry. This means you just need to do more Practice similar exams. You will see that in the future you can also easily fix it puzzles.

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Here is the test solution: Since the safe contains a batch that only you, the other manager, knows when he will receive the shipment, Will put another one He alone knows the key to unlock it. At this point, he will send the safe. you You will unlock the first group And the picture will be sent back to the director of the second museum, who will have to Enter the second group And restore the precious painting.