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NASA Asked Us To Help Find Clouds On Mars: We Explain How To Do It

NASA Asked Us To Help Find Clouds On Mars: We Explain How To Do It

NASA scientists, hoping to solve a fundamental mystery about the atmosphere of Mars, staged a A project called “Cloudspotting on Mars”, which invites the public to learn about the clouds of the Red Planet using a “citizen science” platform called Zooniverse. What are we waiting for?

Information we may collect It will be very important because it will help researchers understand why the planet’s atmosphere is only 1% denser than Earth’s, even though evidence collected previously always indicated that the planet has a much denser planet.

In fact, the air pressure is so low that liquid water simply evaporates from the surface of the planet into the atmosphere. But billions of years ago, lakes and rivers covered Mars, indicating that at that time Atmosphere should be denser.

And therefore, As did Mars To lose its atmosphere over time? Project scientists want to answer this question.

Marek Slepsky, Researcher at Jet Propulsion Laboratory From NASA in California, he said: “We want to understand What causes clouds to form?especially glacial water clouds, which can tell us how much water vapor reaches the upper atmosphere and during which seasons“.

and here where cloud spot on Mars. In fact, the project revolves around it Over 16 years of data Obtained from Mars reconnaissance vehicle (MRO) from NASA, which has been studying the Red Planet since 2006.

So the team need help To check the data on Animal Worldby identifying clouds (which appear as arcs) so that scientists can study where they are in the atmosphere more efficiently.

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Armin Kleinbeuil, Dale The safest climate on Mars He added at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:We have over 16 years of data to look for, which is very important: it allows us to see how temperatures and clouds change in different seasons and over the years. But this is too much data for a small team to audit, That’s why we need everyone’s help“.

So if you would like to participate as well, just visit ourCloudspotting on Mars“.

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