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Hurricanes, potentially devastating effects in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricanes, potentially devastating effects in the Gulf of Mexico

Meteorologists fear Hurricane season in the Atlantic will be unusually severeCircumstances such as that suggest there will be Many devastating hurricanes. to me Flag Sky News UKas forecast by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Between three and six Category 3 or higher hurricaneswith winds over 180 km/h.

Atlantic hurricanes: the importance of the annular current

To help make the upcoming hurricane season over the Atlantic especially severe, there will be current loop: It’s about a The warm ocean current, which flows between Cuba and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Two of the most destructive hurricanes in modern history, Opal in 1995 and Katrina in 2005, were intensified by this current: forecasters fear, Sky News reports, that if One of the forecast hurricanes will pass over warm waters From the current episode, yeah can escalate suddenly.

Atlantic hurricanes: ‘Conditions are worrisome’

Professor Nick Shay, from the University of Miami, said: “I’ve been monitoring the warmth of the ocean for more than thirty years, and The conditions I see in the Gulf in May 2022 are worrying. When the ring current extends very early this north during hurricane season, It could cause a real disaster For residents of areas north of the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas to Florida.”

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