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La galassia a forma di spirale

Milky Way Galaxy, a miniature spotted spiral galaxy

Small but amazing. Scientists have just discovered a miniature galaxy with a distinctive spiral shape, in the center of the galaxy Milky Way. The constant scrutiny of astronomers has made this spatial novelty accountable for a large star around which the galaxy itself rotates in a stormy fashion.

A few weeks after discovering Another piece of the Milky WayThis time, we came across a celestial body behind him 30 times bigger than the sun, with a very special gas dial that characterizes the entire panorama. This isn’t the first time one has dealt with these useful “disks” in the growth of younger stars, but the galaxy has never been in miniature.

The study on the strange spiral in orbit was published in the journal Nature Astronomy. The Atacama telescope located in Chile contributed to making the discovery official: the movement of the gas disk instantly made astronomers suspicious, since it is not a feature capable of giving the object its shape. In all likelihood, this could have happened in the past Collision with the mysterious celestial body It is thirty times larger than the sun. Experts have worked hard to learn more about the unique novelty, calculating the various orbits and simulating those that would have led to the helix’s formation.

Interact with star discs

In short, if the mysterious object had followed a well-defined path, there would have been a close “meeting” with the disk, precisely 12 thousand years ago. However, we should not be surprised that there are still all these details to be clarified, when we talk about the Milky Way, the mystery is king, as in the case of A strange radio signal was caught recently. Returning to the study of the alien vortex, it must be said that it helps to understand how external objects in space interact with it. star discs. The final collision referred to, then, is not such a rare situation.

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Other snails to discover

Soon it is said the most interesting scenario that has emerged. It may be located at the center of our galaxy Many other mini spirals, awaiting an official discovery like the one that happened in the past few days. There are also those who called it the “cosmic matryoshka”, with the last “doll” it may not be reached in a reasonable time. The Chilean telescope that made this possible is not an astronomical instrument among many.

It is a six-meter-long device placed in a structure in the middle Atacama desert (which took its name), in the northern part of Chile, and its goal is to take high-resolution images of the sky, in order to deepen the so-called cosmic radiation. Among other things, its height to more than 5 thousand meters above sea level, it is One of the longest ground-based telescopes on the planet. The Milky Way still has a lot to tell, as evidenced by Mysterious threads have recently intrigued astronomersso this and many other telescopes will continue to be very useful in the future.