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Amici, Ludovica eliminata: ecco cosa è successo

My friends, Ludovica was eliminated: here’s what happened

Here comes the progress of the Amici di Maria De Filippi on Sunday December 11, 2022. The thirteenth episode will be full of facts including the elimination of Ludovica. Here’s what happened.

Episode ten is coming Friends of Maria de Felipe, 2022 edition. appointment for Sunday 11 December, as always starting at 14.00. Pre-registration took place on Wednesday, December 7th, and so, we have some interesting spoilers, like who they see as the protagonist Ludovica. In fact, the dancer was excluded from the program at the request of her reference teacher, Emmanuel Lew.

My friends, Emmanuel is being sent away by Ludovica

Ludovica She was afraid of him, as much of the public was afraid of him. His concern has come true: Emmanuel Law decided to kick her out of the program. As superguidatv also reports, girl She lost her seat due to her last placement in the ranking on the average races Commissioned by Alessandra Celentano. My ballet teacher has always asked for it The last two disciples were replaced. SamuelHowever, he retained his position when he was a reference professor for Ludovica decided to send her home.

All the disciples greeted the girl, Even Samuel and NDG cried. also The ruling on the abolition of the general judiciaryHe always asks for it Celentano, it’s accepted from production. Instead, the request she envisioned was not accepted Direct elimination of the students positioned last: Sigh for RitaWhich, at the dance competition on Sunday December 11, 2022came in last place.

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