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Signed with a sign of expectations, who trembles – Libero Quotidiano


How will 2023 go for different zodiac signs? Again this year, forecasts Paolo Fox, the most famous astrologer in Italy. Expectations, for now, centered solely on love. in downloads Furthermore it Starts fromAries For this sign, the expert explains, the coming year will be “a year full of final clarifications. Some couples may decide to marry. Those who stand by a miracle will fall. Good Jupiter and Mars.” to me oxHowever, “March will be a month of apparent recovery after which Venus will enter the sign. May is a favorable month for meetings. For those who wish to marry, a very important stage begins.” yet i twins: “In February the stars will be conflicting. Beware of clarification, which will be necessary in the spring. Women will score men. From November everything will be superfluous.”

to me cancerHowever, there will be “news arriving in February. Positive Venus and lonely hearts helped by Mercury. Once one story ends, another can begin right away.” Then Fox moves on to Lion: “In February, Venus will not be opposite. They will not be able to keep their feet in brackets. In July, the heroes of love are positive again. Many opportunities for lonely hearts.” As for Bakr, “There is a little tension in the coming months, but they are only light transits. They want to experience a more peaceful emotional field for sure. Just pay attention to the opposite Saturn.” Then space Weight scale: “In June, Jupiter will not be in opposition. Great organizational ability is also returned. Career interests do not have to be poured into love.” And again, it is The scorpion: “Complications are best avoided in January. Avoiding proud attitudes is the best thing. Exuberant love will never be stopped, instead they should enjoy it like never before.”

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Finally, the last signs. Sagittarius: “From February 20, many things will change in love. They are looking for different solutions in love. Some will fall in love with someone who is very far away.” Capricorn: “We must never forget that love is very important in everyone’s life. The feelings that appear now may be conflicting. In March, the moment of emotions can return to be kept under control. Special feelings in the month of July.” Aquarium: “Mars and Venus in 2023 will be in perfect order. Passion will not be through the roof in May. Agitation and intolerance at certain times of the year.” fish: “Couples in 2023 will be stronger than usual. Relationships born next year will receive great attention. Finally, concerns about the emotional sphere will disappear.”


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