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Moviola Juve-Verona, Feliciani Disaster: I came in red

Moviola Juve-Verona, Feliciani Disaster: I came in red

Referee Feliciani: 4.5

Making mistakes is human, perseverance is devilish: Rucci is stubborn, Feliciani needs time, even yesterday he was not convincing, always late, always at the mercy of events (even two angles were rejected), is completely unacceptable. what does that mean? Recovery time: 11′ (3’+8′)

Red cats

Of the color red (…the precedent is not the first time, it will be an aggravating circumstance) the cats: He delivers a blow (clenched fist?) to Durek’s chest. Deliberate, deliberate, late whistle (hint?) and…nothing happens. At least yellow.

Kane waves, goal not allowed

Nasca’s call is correct: Kane’s anger at the Pharaohs On goal, hit in the face, clear foul (even if not intentional) even live (but what a gialloblù sight).

No penalty, Chiesa is a doubt

Touch from Doig and Ya with the shoulder, clear pictures. Contact between Rabiot and Folorunsho and then Terracciano Vlahovic: No penalty kick. Folorunsho in churchDangerous Contact (low contact on the left) was rated as a game, but…

Ken sneaked out

It’s Kane at the start of the event (just one stall behind Magnani). Offside On the disallowed goal, then there were no fouls (neither on Magnani nor on Volorunsho).

VAR: Nasca 6.5

Good on Kane’s swing.

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