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MotoGP 2022. How did Casey Stoner and Pecco Bagnaia become friends?  The Australian - MotoGP explains it to us

MotoGP 2022. How did Casey Stoner and Pecco Bagnaia become friends? The Australian – MotoGP explains it to us

The Australian rider analyzed the state of the championship and spoke about it in an interview with the official MotoGP channel: “Many deserve the title, it would be nice if a friend of mine would win, someone who knows how to listen”

October 17 2022

s.Here Bagnaia has two special friends, and above all two wonderful advisors: Valentino Rossi And the Casey Stoner. Several times at the end of a race or qualifying session, Number 63 (as in this case, after Silverstone) thanked them or made it clear that he had asked them to. ask for advice About how to handle a track or curve or which tires to choose.

everybody in the sunlight. It is not clear in a competitive sport at the highest level like MotoGP he would be an athlete Reveal how to get the result.

This clarity has been highly appreciated by Casey Stoner who explained, in an interview with the official MotoGP website, how he and Pecco became friends, and confirmed that he highly appreciates the Italian rider for how open he is in the Get advice.

At the last Grand Prix, on Phillip Island, the two-time world champion spent a lot of time in it ducati box Much closer to Bagnaia than Miller.

How did they become friends?

s.The ink in the video also talked about Bagnaia’s chances of winning. The interview was done before the race Where there was an overrun: “Biko deserves the title. And if he doesn’t succeed this year, he will try again next year. Quartararo is a great driver, he also deserves to win, along with Bastianini, Miller and other riders. Personally I would To see a friend win“.

“Fabio can win, he did it already in 2021. Instead Pico got back in shape during the season, and got many points back.”

On theFriendship with Bagnaia and how I was born: “I have great respect for Pecco, he’s a good guy. I enjoy working with someone I appreciate your helpAnd the It’s not something that should be taken for granted. In addition, Chief Engineer Christian (Gabarrini, editor) has long been mine as well. It was thanks to him if we meet“.

The video It’s visible at this link (it’s free but you have to register on the site).

Bagnaia and Stoner travel the Phillip Island Trail on foot and in the rain

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