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"Limit Red Bull's budget cap penalties"

“Limit Red Bull’s budget cap penalties”

Rome – In F1 it is already time to think about 2023, in light of the preparations for the new season which will start in March. Some people already know that they have to deal with some type of headache, such as: Red Bullwhich after winning the drivers’ and constructors’ titles will be restricted in aerodynamic testing to the new single-seater as a result of a breach budget ceiling, for which Milton Keynes House was also fined $7 million. A penalty kick that Red Bull considered a huge punishment Rival teams wanted tougher measures. about the topic, Adrian NeweyRed Bull’s chief technical officer said: “Reducing the ability to test a car means being able to evaluate fewer components and fewer ideas. There are always parts that you hope will work, but that is not always the case. It is difficult to quantify the impact of sanctions, but they are certainly limited. During the winter, the regulation in the lower part, which will be raised by 50 mm, must also change: it seems a little, but in reality it is a significant change in aerodynamics. We have the best car, but it’s still going to be a tough year.”.

‘Ferrari will fix the weaknesses’

And the British engineer spoke in this preview of the interview, which will be released in the full version by the same team on December 21, and then talked about the competition, especially Ferrari. According to Newey, Ferrari will not stop its growth. It will mitigate weaknesses, because it had some reliability issues and also made some mistakes on the wall, so they’ll be there. Then there’s Mercedes, which started this year from afar and then evolved.”.