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Moscow deploys Jar warship to search for Moscow wreck – World

Moscow relies on the Commune – the oldest warship on the planet, built in 1912 and entered service under the name Volkov in 1915 – to retrieve the remains of the Russian ship that sank Kiev in the waters of the Black Sea. Security Analysis Site ‘Covert Shores’ Reports. This was the last playing card of the Kremlin, a symbol of how a primary defeat of the Moscow Navy was possible, strategic but also symbolic.

Designed during the time of the Jars, the Kommuna is about fifty meters high and resembles a catamaran intended to lift the first submarine. Items such as missile tubes from Movska could be recovered by the Communa Winch, which, at the time, was found in Sevastopol. Ancient warship may have a deep diving submarine.

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