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Fear even in Italy.  There is damage.  Video «3B Meteo

Fear even in Italy. There is damage. Video «3B Meteo

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The quake struck at 11.07pm Friday evening 22 on southern Bosnia, not far from the border between Montenegro and Croatia, its center is 30 km northwest of Pleka and only 17k off the Croatian coast of Dubrovnik. Preliminary estimates put the magnitude at 6.0 on the Richter scale, at a depth of just 10 kilometers. The quake affected most parts of Italy. The intensity of the shock was clearly felt On the entire Adriatic side from Trieste to LesIn most regions In central Tyrrhenian and Campania and Basilicotta. Of course, no one, knowing where the earthquake was, thought about the Italian earthquake, it was immediate The mental illness began. Residents of Rome a Strong earthquake with Apennines Central, Residents of Naples They thought about the recent earthquakes in the Phlegraean region A strong earthquake in PozzuoliBut no one expected an earthquake so far from us. 450 km from the capital. In the Epicenter area, various damages have been reported, Especially the fall of cornices in Mostar and partitions internally. This time No injuries or damage were reported But we will be in a state of update, as information has recently begun to reach the editors of various newspapers. About 30 minutes later the 5.0 level was reactivated following the first event.

Can an earthquake be predicted? No, but there are seismic precursors that give us at least some indication of the areas most at risk and the most probable timeframe to see an earthquake occur. For example, an anomaly may be a seismic eruption in a limited seismic area that is usually affected by earthquakes of a certain frequency. Or changes in the speed of seismic waves, changes in radon gas content in deep well water, or changes in water levels in wells may be precursors. In this article we deepen the topic.

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