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Wages: the tax wedge is falling, in 2023 there will be several increases in their salaries

Workers will get some pleasant surprises in their salaries from January 2023, in fact the government has prepared a cut in the tax wedge and bonuses that will affect some categories of workers in both the public and private sectors.

Bonuses and increases will mainly affect people who, while working, do not have a high annual income, in fact the changes will only be visible in the lower, middle and lower income brackets. However, the increases will be beneficial to workers, who will be able to count on a small increase in their purchasing power.

The tax wedge represents, in simple terms, the difference between the gross salary, which is paid by the employer as salary to its workers, and the net salary that the employees actually receive. In Italy it currently represents 46.5% of the total, including contributions, fees and taxes.

In 2022, during the previous Draghi government, a reduction in the tax wedge of 2% has already been made and the increases related to this maneuver have already been allocated for a few months to the salaries of Italians with an annual income of less than 35 thousand euros. The same procedure applied to pensions, which were subject to small increases.

Workers who earn less than €20,000 a year also get an extra 1% discount, but the changes will be minimal, we’re talking about €6 per month for wages less than €10,000 per year, approximately €10 per month for those earning €15,000 per year and 11 for those who earn 20 thousand annually.

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Cut the tax wedge and employee bonuses for 2023

These numbers are almost imperceptible in the salary, especially because the reduction envisioned by Draghi (to 2%) has already been in effect for a few months, gradually adjusting salaries and pensions. Precisely for this reason, those who already receive an income between 20,000 and 35,000 euros will not notice any difference in the coming months.

2023 salary increase

However, unlike employees in the private sector, those working in the public sector will be able to enjoy a bonus included in the budget law where one million euros have been set aside: “For the disbursement, in 2023 alone, of a one-time additional bonus, than to be paid for thirteen months, to be determined 1.5 percent of the total salary.

Thanks to this measure, workers will receive an increase that can range from 21 euros to about 70 for the highest salaries, since the bonus is calculated as a percentage of everyone’s salary, for which an additional 1.5% will be allocated in the envelope pay.