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Microsoft and Activision, the FTC could sue the company to block the takeover -

Microsoft and Activision, the FTC could sue the company to block the takeover –

there FTC extensionthe abbreviation of the Federal Trade Commission, or US Antitrust, can trial to me Microsoft for Block access to Activision If circumstances occur that make it necessary to do so: can be read in the latest New York Times report.

In light of Sony’s offer for a ten-year Call of Duty deal, which appears to have fallen on deaf ears at the moment, the organizer has reportedly brought in more than a dozen of its members for the evaluation, as well as private talks with Satya Nadella And the Brad Smithrespectively CEO and President of Microsoft Corporation.

It seems that several members of the US Senate have asked the Federal Trade Commission Examined very carefully The possible impact of the takeover on workers, a request repeated by the trade unions and the head of the commission itself, which intends to understand whether the important operation will negatively affect the employees of the two companies.

Should concrete evidence emerge to that effect, the FTC could, in fact, sue Microsoft for Takeover prevention: a maneuver that the Foundation has already carried out in the past, for example when it used this tool last July to prevent Meta from buying Inside, a startup that deals with virtual reality.

Brad Smith has stated that his company is willing to formally accept some restrictions to resolve the doubts of international regulators, and it is clear that this could translate into a specific agreement regarding the Call of Duty franchise, which is clearly the subject of a dispute with Sony.

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However, the FTC seems skeptical of this, arguing that big companies often make promises they don’t keep: it will be necessary to understand whether Microsoft will be able to convince the committee of its reasons, also because the ruling was expressed. By the American body can affect the other.