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Messina money at the end of his life, the last hours of the boss of bosses

Messina money at the end of his life, the last hours of the boss of bosses

ROME, 24 SEPTEMBER 2023 – Unawakened in his sleep he fell, Matteo Messina Money Bloody Mafia drags the season-ending trap door with it. He is alone, boss of bosses, In that bed at San Salvatore Hospital in L’Aquila. Next to him all operations are over and the doctors have raised the white flag: irreversible coma, waiting for the heart to stop keeping the body alive, which has been in a vegetative state since last Friday. The lonely last hour of a man whose reason for living is loneliness.

“Loneliness doesn’t bother me, In fact it gives me a sense of security”, he said immediately after being placed under 41 PCs. Family members who arrived in L’Aquila now realize, even if they are not present, that the quarantine is a precursor to the end. They have the opportunity to see him in the last moments of his life. Apart from his daughter-in-law, Lorenza Guttataro, Except for his lawyer, Lorenza Guttataro, no one can be at his bedside because the boss is under 41 bis, a ban in this regime on receiving visitors.

Matteo Messina Money

They came to the hospital His daughter Lorenza After years of misunderstandings and rejections, she decided to take her last name. There are His sister Giovanna and his daughter-in-law, a lawyer. Eighty-two-year-old mother Lorenza SantangeloFor many years he was seriously ill and could not move Castelvetrano. They are the ones who follow the last hours of Matteo Messina Tenaro’s life and, with the transfer of the coffin to the Castelvetrano cemetery, it will be buried in the family cemetery. The same place where his father was buried Francesco Messina money“Don Ciccio, boss Gambier”, died as a fugitive and his body was found in the Castelvetrano countryside already in a black double-breasted suit.

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Last wishes from Matteo Messina Tenaro are included In a pinch, Written a few years ago, and signed: “I reject every religious celebration because it is made by impure men who live in hatred and sin”. So no religious rituals. “Not those who declare themselves soldiers of God, who can determine and execute my lifeless body – wrote the godfather when he did not find disease – they will not be the ones who refuse my funeral.”

Then we have to ask ourselves who attends his farewell event on Sicilian soil. Because they will definitely be less Most close family members are behind bars. Some are still absconding. Matteo Messina Tenaro has an older brother and four sisters. Salvador Messina moneyThe older brother, who has just been released from prison after ten years in prison, lives in Campobello. Anna Patricia Messina MoneyThe younger sister has been in jail since 2018. Rosalie He has been in jail since March 2023. I am alone Pies Maria and Giovanna. The boss’s brothers-in-law and nephews, according to investigators, were exterminated by the police when Matteo Messina Tenaro came to power and during his time in hiding. All in jail.

Brother-in-law is behind bars Philip the Younger (Lawrence’s father, lawyer), son-in-law Francesco Guattaro, His guardian, the employer, was considered his successor. Caspar Comeau, Bis’s husband is serving a 16-year sentence at 41 Bis. Rosario AllegraGiovanna’s husband died in prison in 2019. Vincenzo Panicola, Anna Patricia’s wife is serving 14 years in prison. For this reason, his funeral will be attended by a few people and women.

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