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Kovit: At the CDS meeting today, the government is starting to reopen.  Salvini: “Curfew ordered at 11pm” – Chronicle

Kovit: At the CDS meeting today, the government is starting to reopen. Salvini: “Curfew ordered at 11pm” – Chronicle

Today is the Technology-Science Committee, then the comparison with the regions, and on Wednesday or the latest Thursday, the Council of Ministers will have to write a new mandate outlining the calendar and re-opening rules with the 11 regions and provinces. Of Trento and Bolzano, which, if given by hand, point to the yellow zone. The government is confirming by setting aside the road map announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, postponing the curfew order, and opening indoor bars and restaurants in the Yellow Zone, and on the other hand, by stopping pressure from the central right of most. If no action is taken on transportation, in areas where all students are asked to review their choice of bringing 26 to first grade.

Will the League present a plan to postpone the curfew order until 11pm on April 26 in the next Cabinet meeting? “Of course, most regions and mayors ask for it, regardless of political color.” The president of the league, Matteo Salvini, a guest on ’24 Matino ‘on Radio 24, added: “This is not a request from Salvini and the league, but is based on improving scientific data and general knowledge. This perspective from Minister Speranza, began to hear some.”

The first step is to disclose the meeting of CDS experts A concept of bass can be used to move between areas of different colors But even Access some of the events like watching live shows or going to the cinema. There are currently two pledges: the first is that it will not be ready by April 26, so one of the three required documents to be self-certified and attached to the red and orange areas from next Monday is the vaccination certificate, cured or made of negative fabric carried out in the previous 48 hours. Element, the latter, is asking the government to intervene to eliminate or reduce spending on Carlo Sybilia’s deputy secretary and mayor of Florence Tario Nordella and avoid having Serie A and Serie B citizens.

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The other will be the pass with the EU, which is due to operate between June and July. First you understand how the EU works and then you change. The most definite hypothesis is to use an application with a QR code with information to display the request. The number one suspect is ‘I’, which is a public administration application already used for government money transfer: it is built according to all European standards related to digital identity and respect for privacy, experts say, so already ready for use. In any case, there is no definite result yet, and at present the other two options are not excluded: stay with paper certification or use a health card.

The CDS Expert Schedule will also have regions with regions for reopening that will cause confusion and concern at at least two points: no need to reopen bars and restaurants in the orange and red areas, and changing rooms in swimming pools and gyms (the latter will run from May 15 to June 1). Ask to be opened up) to pass the screening.

“As far as the reopening of public transport is concerned, tables with prefecture will always be open, but we must solve the problem of the lasting equation where schools can be seen as 100% and rail safety as 50%. This is an issue we already have. The government. We will listen to the government’s responses at the meeting scheduled for the afternoon.” Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region, spoke on the ‘Boongiorno 24’ program aired on Skytz 24: “There are a series of solutions, one of which is to delay the entry of students into schools”.

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