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Meetings at Diomo to celebrate Milan, Inter Scudetto: Mayor Pepe Salah in the storm

Meetings at Diomo to celebrate Milan, Inter Scudetto: Mayor Pepe Salah in the storm

Thirty thousand fans poured into the streets of the center Inter’s plea to “celebrate safely and responsibly” was not enough: the final whistle of Sassuolo-Atlanta, 30,000 fans poured into the streets of Milan’s center, filling first the piazza dioma and then Largo Cairo to celebrate Liaku’s victory. And his comrades. An expected eleven-year-old scout and neurosurgeon has sparked the joy of supporters, sparking controversy over the timing of the epidemics.

Many fans without a mask Because there were so many fans who didn’t really respect the rules, including the masks and meetings that started at the Diomo at 5pm. Between the singers and the smoke bombs, hundreds of Nerassuri supporters climbed the monument to Vittorio Emanuel II in the center of the square and spread a triangular flag on one of the two lions at the base of the monument. Dedicated to Juventus “We are the champions of Italy”, “Who did not jump Rosonery” and “Why champions do not win it”, the singers who came with the party of supporters, seen in front of Karva Nord Costello Sforzesco in Largo Cairo, filled the celebrations with fireworks. However, these meetings were highly regarded by many.

Controversy opened by the secretary of Confcommercio: Thousands of people in Diomo, barricades “The delight of the inter fans is understandable. I say this as a fan (albeit as another team). However, in Milan, Darcena or Prera, I wonder why the streets are blocked to avoid crowds. And to inform the flow of people, the Piazza del Dio can pour thousands uncontrollably.” Marco Barbiri, general secretary of Conformercio Milano, wrote on Facebook.

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Controversy against Salah erupts on social media This sparked controversy on social media, especially against the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Salah, who, despite being an Inter fan, made no comment about Scudetto, while police intervened only to “protect the church and the gallery”. As explained by the police headquarters, and in some cases to disperse the crowd, without specific interventions in complying with the anti-Govt rules.

Comments on Salah’s Facebook page “Mayor, why can Inter fans make this mess? Should humans respect the rules even when we go out to eat pizza?” This is one of the many comments you can read on the Milanese mayor’s Facebook page. “Unacceptable” was the definition given by Democratic regional councilor Carmela Rosa to fans gathered in the cathedral.

Forza Italia attack: “Event announced, only mayor surprised” “This is an event that has been expected for several days, but it should come as no surprise that Mayor Salah is the only one who did not anticipate the move to oppose the meetings,” said Lycia Ronzulli, vice president of the Forza Italia group, in a note in the Senate. Even in Turin there was no shortage of carousels, where fans with Nerasuri flags and horns were the protagonists in cars via Po and Corso Vittorio Emanuel II. Juventus President Andrea Agnelli’s compliments also came from Turin: “Well done Steven! Glad to have you as your loyal opponent on the pitch and friend on the pitch. We will be back …”.