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UAW: Offers only for electric vehicles manufactured in the United States

UAW: Offers only for electric vehicles manufactured in the United States

The United Auto workers (UAW), A union representing workers at three major Detroit factories, claims tax breaks apply Electric vehicles They only apply to cars made in the United States.

For US government EVs, 500 7,500 incentives are available, regardless of where the vehicles are manufactured. Reuters However, he says the UAW Biden administration is trying to change this system.

Electric vehicles, UAW is trying to convince Biden management

UAW: The union wants the concessions to be valid only for locally produced electric vehicles

Terry Ditz, The union’s vice president said: “The final legislation to provide incentives for electric vehicles is being worked out with the UAW Biden administration and Congress to ensure that those investments are subsidized for jobs in the United States.“.

The biggest problem for car makers around the world is that they are increasingly focusing on developing new electric vehicles. U.S. Joe Biden’s government has already announced plans to help increase EV production. Workers are expected to use local production of zero-emission models and batteries in the U.S. President U.S.S. said there was no reason why workers could not run.

Electric Vehicles USA UAW Offers

The idea of ​​offering higher tax breaks to automakers may not appeal to some. However, United Auto workers have been working hard to hire auto workers in the past. However, there is a very difficult question.

Although General Motors recently announced that it would invest in local battery production, they are separate entities and joint ventures that are not specified by the UAW.

Rory Gamble, president of the US Trade Union Confederation, said earlier this week that workers in new joint ventures, as well as those in battery manufacturing plants, wanted to earn a living online.

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