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Olympia Milano after Virtus |  Many questions.  Is there a force to fight back?  Maybe not

Olympia Milano after Virtus | Many questions. Is there a force to fight back? Maybe not

Olimpia Milano after Virtus, reaches the tenth defeat in sixteen matches. There is no embarrassment at the Segafredo Stadium, there is inevitability. Drunken.

The reds and whites try to escape, and the blacks and whites take control, realizing that they are stronger today. Inside, before outside. It’s not a matter of talent or assembly. At least not only that. It is a matter of trust and security in the system and in the choices that must be made.

Olympia immediately took the lead, and Virtus closed the first half leading by 5, with the ball +8. Olimpia reacts to the start of the second half, and Virtus still maintains the lead when the penultimate siren sounds. Messina’s team produced 30 points in total in the second and fourth quarters, and Virtus did not go below 20 points in the four games.

This is because Ettore Messina’s team was born from defence. And this team doesn’t defend for 40 minutes. You wonder again how we got to this point and what we did during these two and a half months.

The questions are always the same. Why doesn’t Maodo Lo have a one-on-one meeting? Why does Devon Hall play 12 minutes and only shoot one shot? Why does Stefano Tonot collect 16 minutes but never attacks the dribble? Why does Niccolò Meli shake his head and make mistakes even in the simplest things? Why doesn’t Chavon Shields read the defensive rotation anymore?

So, first, there’s Ettore Messina. Why start with a five with Voigtmann, and therefore unbalanced, against a team of young players? Why not go the Potyhress route (however bad again) against an opponent without centimeters? Why not ask Richie for real help on a team that doesn’t defend? Why not mix up the five instead of playing a player who can’t score today? Why doesn’t this team read the mismatch? Why isn’t this team talking? Why does it suddenly and inevitably empty on schedule?

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Is the team that doesn’t defend Ettore Messina’s team? No. Can Ettore Messina turn this team around? By November 15th, we will now be saying “I don’t know.” When there is no communication, when there is no dialogue, shock is usually needed. On the other hand, this team was built by Ettore Messina. Maybe giving up will only be a prelude to someone else’s failure.

The topic is open. After all, the calendar is pressing. There is another game.