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MasterChef, the judges dared to do this to the competitor's dish without the cameras turned off: the lie came to light

MasterChef, the judges dared to do this to the competitor's dish without the cameras turned off: the lie came to light

MasterChef Italia: The truth about competitors' dishes Source @Instagram –

The truth has finally come out about MasterChef Italia: no one expected these things to happen to contestants' plates once the cameras were turned off, and that's what it's all about.

the 13th edition of MasterChef Italia It finally started. In fact, since last December 14, 2023, it has become the most popular cooking show of all time 3 judges and distinguished chefs Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannafaciolo and Giorgio Locatelli.

In these first episodes we learn about… New aspiring chefs And the heroes of this new edition who will compete to win the prize, such as The best aspiring chef in ItalyLet this new adventure begin in the difficult world of cooking.

As is the case every year, the preparation of the participants seems to be a little higher, but at the same time, the tests proposed by the three judges seem much more complex than the previous editions and since then. Initial pressure test Competitors were tested by very strict Chef David Scapin.

The judging panel for this year's MasterChef Italia It seems much more dangerousBut no one really knows what they do with the contestants' dishes backstage, so let's find out together A terrible lie Which can no longer be hidden.

MasterChef Italia: The terrible lie comes to light

As we all know, MasterChef Italia is first and foremost a A television programme, i.e. an entertainment programme This means that there are some moments of the show that are slightly tailored to the times and rhythms of television in order to create empathy with the viewer, but what no one knows is that the judges are judging… The dish is already cooked long before you taste it With the cameras turned off.

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For example, once you have completed the challenge We move on to the “beauty” or telescopic camera He is able to frame dishes very closely from different points of view, and in this way allows the judges to see the full and completed dish even before the initial tasting.

MasterChef Italy -
Source: @Instagram –

What do judges do?

In the initial stage, in fact, this part A “Putting off” the cameras is really essential to making a first impression Of the dish, since there are still all competitors, and therefore it is necessary more time to taste the dishes, while in relation to the dish Judging the dish, this is done using cameras.

The main problem with this passage is that it actually… Between the stop of time and the moment of taste A very long time passes, even more than an hour, and in the meantime the food inevitably cools down and becomes almost inedible, which is also why, especially at first There are not many pasta or rice dishes being preparedThis is because it will become really unpleasant for the tastes of the three starred chefs.