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Hit Parade, with Rush Maneskin in the lead among albums and vinyl

Hit Parade, with Rush Maneskin in the lead among albums and vinyl

ROME, Jan. 27 – The Maneskin with “Rush!” Debuted at number one in the FIMI ranking of the best-selling records in Italy for the week from 20 to 26 January 2023, but also at the top of the vinyl. Published by the Romanian band on January 20, RFush – 24 hours after its release – entered the iTunes chart at number one in 20 countries, including ours, the USA, France, etc., and among the top 20 in 39 countries, including the UK. and Japan, both at No. 3, Spotify’s No. 1 album in its first weekend in the US and worldwide. Still second among the best-selling albums in Italy in the Fimi/Gfk ranking, “Il courage dei bambini” by Geolier while Guè’s “Madreperla”, which topped the ranking only one week ago, is still in third place. Shiva’s Milano Demons slides from step three to four followed by another novelty that immediately takes fifth place: “Radio Gotham” by Rosa Villain. Sixth place (was fifth) is “Sirio” by Lazza while “Fake news” by Tactical Nuclear Penguins passes from fourth to seventh. On the eighth step, it featured Marracash’s Noi, loro, gli altri deluxe which gained two places compared to last week. On the ninth move, “c@ra++ere s?ec!le” by Tha Sup lost two places while Hernia’s “I’m not afraid” was tenth (she was ninth). As for the top singles, Shakira: The Buzzer Music Sessions, Vol. 53′ by Bizzarrap Shakira gains position followed first by Guè’s “Cookies n’ cream”, Anna Sfera Ebbasta being first. Third place for the movie “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, who finished fifth. (Dealing).

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