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What is soft power?

What is soft power?

The area in which the use of soft power most immediately stands out is undoubtedly the sporting area. Organizing large events, capable of attracting an audience of global proportions, is one of the first steps to take to spread one's reputation abroad. An example is given by Olympic Games Beijing in 2008 ChineseRussia, which has never been definitively “welcomed” into the ranks of the powers, has invested heavily in the success of organizing the Olympic Games to definitively consolidate its position as one of the countries with the greatest influence in the international context.

A similar discussion can be made, again with reference to more recent times, about regulation world Cup from Russia In 2014. For this reason, the allocation of major events is a matter of great disagreement between different countries. The region that invests heavily in organizing sporting events is the region Persian Gulf. From Qatar, which will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and most recently Saudi Arabia, countries in this region are competing to make major sporting efforts. Since the early 2000s, there have been numerous motorsport competitions, incl Formula One H Motor cycleshosted by the region.

But in addition to organizing major events, soft power in sports also includes sporting successes and successes Investments In teams of the most important tournaments, especially in football. Over the past two decades, Arab, Chinese, Russian and other national groups have purchased several title clubs in Europe. The millions of euros invested in the sport are aimed at enhancing the reputation of the various countries involved. A concept that also applies to sponsorship of large clubs or international events: in recent years, there are many companies from emerging countries that have included their brands in the jerseys of major football teams or among the sponsors of major competitive leagues.

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