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Maserati accelerates with electricity and introduces the GranCabrio Folgore

Maserati accelerates with electricity and introduces the GranCabrio Folgore

Maseratia manufacturer of luxury sports cars and is part of the group excellent,sta “Officially” entering the new electric dimensionThe Folgore Group is ready to dominate and represent the future of the brand in the world. The announcement came on the occasion of Fulgore Day, an event celebrating the 110th anniversary of the Modena-based manufacturer.

A journey dedicated to electrification, innovation, luxury and excellence in the best Italian traditions, which Maserati has undertaken over the past year with the launch of its 100% electric models: Gran Turismo FulgoreThe first fully electric car from Trident, Greek fulgurThe first SUV powered by a fully electric motor, and now, GranCabrio Folgore, the elegant and sophisticated convertible version of its award-winning big sister, which will be launched on this occasion. Added to this super sports car MC20 ThunderboltIt is scheduled to premiere in 2025.

by 2028 to'Electrification of the entire range Thus, the Trident manufacturing process has been completed, as Maserati announced at the beginning of 2024 while sharing its future strategic vision, which includes a growth plan that aims to achieve sustainable profitability in the long term, and focuses on the continuous development of its brand and products. .

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