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There is no income, and therefore no hope

There is no income, and therefore no hope

Italy has witnessed an alternation between different political majorities in the past fifteen years, but in any case, the political history of the various leaders following each other has ultimately been equally unsuccessful. Political parties rose to the headlines, to the pinnacle of power, and then fell vertically.

The problem that led to this is simple: choices made in the 1990s, which seem unchangeable, profoundly affect people's incomes and reduce them. Citizens feel their well-being destroyed, and thus react by seeking political change and the removal of the previous leader.

To understand this gradual impoverishment, this graph prepared by the economist is sufficient Fabrizio Zoli

Total real wages fell by one percent in Italy, compared with increases of 30 percent in Germany and 33 percent in France. This makes it clear who the winners and losers have been over the past 30 years in the eurozone.

So the Italians feel increasingly dissatisfied and, in the hope of solving their problems, choose the leader who seems, in popular hopes, at that moment most suitable for solving their problems.

Given that malaise is widespread in Italian society, practically at every level, the leader is voted for in remarkable proportions in a democratic and multi-party country like Italy: Berlusconi exceeded 30% of the momentum, Matteo Renzi received 40%, and Salvini exceeded 34%. %.

However, none of these leaders is able to hold this position for more than a few years, because in the end, none of them has the courage to confront the fundamental problem: the inability to increase the income of Italians in the eurozone.

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Many other Italian political leaders will be sacrificed on the altar of economic failure and this will continue until all generations that lived through the 1980s and 1990s are extinct. It will take a few more years, but Italy will finally achieve the stability it deserves: that of the shrine.

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