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Maria Grazia Cucinotta causes a scandal: an unmade bed and lace everywhere |  The shot is exciting

Maria Grazia Cucinotta causes a scandal: an unmade bed and lace everywhere | The shot is exciting

Simona Ventura – Source: Instagram –

Simona Ventura has always been very outspoken, and we know that very well. Therefore, it is no wonder that he wanted to rebuke the showgirl for her words, which in his opinion were wrong and untrue.

Super simo a lot Busy At this time, because it is not only performed with Paola Peregoopinion program, Rai2 intercombut he also attends dance classes to better prepare for the various performances in Dancing with the stars.

Between one commitment and another, Simona Ventura never abandons her commitment assignments Work and public appearances as well as lunches with his counterpart clan. During a very important event, organized by one Famous magazinethe famous “knock” broadcaster showgirlRegarding that statement he made that Simona really didn’t like.

Simona Ventura and the words against the showgirl

Regarding the last episode of the broadcast Dancing with the starsWe’ve seen how Simona Ventura is a force not only in management, but also in… Dance. So far Simona E Samuel Byron Permanently stay at the top of the world rankings, even get A standing ovation By the audience present, after their perfect performance. Unfortunately, her colleague and friend, Paola Perego He lost in the playoff and had to Abandon Millie Carlucci Collection

To stay a race For a moment after Simona and her future husband, Giovanni TerziThere are also Antonio Caprarica, Sarah Cross, Tio Mamocari, Carlotta Mantovan, Wanda Nara and Lorenzo Tano. We just have to wait December 2 To find out what will happen in the next episode of Dancing with the stars.

Simona Ventura scolds Heather Parisi

Simona Ventura vs. Heather Parisi – Source: Instagram –

Simona’s voices

As for the invitation that we told you about before, Simona Ventura Summoned by Vanity gallery To participate in it The main eventwhere the presenter is, somewhat like a dance judge, with A shovel In hand, he had to give vote To the various colleagues who were sent to her. When it was his turn Heather Parisiit was super simo Very frustrating By the showgirl, stressing that he did not want to give her any votes. This is what He announced In this regard: “Not even a shovel, if anything, a shovel to the head. She also said things about Ameche that everything was organised, I was also a judge like her and nothing was organised…”

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Ventura then “punched” Parisi over these Harsh words Released to talent Maria De Filippi, friendswhich forced Mediaset to do so Make a complaint Against the former dancer. However, Simona Ventura did it next I continued In assigning voices, making comments and anecdotes about each of the heroes, which seemed very interesting.