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“Your grudge is called Ricardo Guarnieri!” [VIDEO]

“Your grudge is called Ricardo Guarnieri!” [VIDEO]

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Roberta di Padua is once again at the heart of a love triangle with Marco Antonio and Emanuela. Ida Platano expresses her opinion on the situation and rags fly between the two women. Here’s what happened!

The new day episode to men and women It begins with a development in The throne is above: Barbara De Santi Sitting in the study center because Edward He wants to attract her! Much of the episode is devoted to Emanuela, Mark Anthony And RobertaThe former decided to end her relationship with the knight. The classic throne is witnessing heated debate among Ida Platano And Roberta di Paduawhom Tronista accused of always being the third wheel.

Men and women, Emanuela leaves Marco Antonio at the study center: “I don’t want to be part of this little theater.”

Barbara She’s upset, because Edward He had said all sorts of things about her and she certainly didn’t have a very good opinion of the knight. The latter also brought her a little thought: Stable roseThis was immediately mocked by the woman and the commentators. Although reluctantly, Barbara He decides to listen to what he has to say EdwardWho shows his interest in her and asks her to get to know her more. The lady’s “no” is accepted by the knight, who finds himself obliged to take back the rose as well, because according to her “no”. Barbara “It’s going to end up like Marco’s horn candle.”. Before we move on to another topic, Gabriella He intervenes and points this out Edward He went into his usual tantrum and we went back to talking about the end of their relationship.

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Move to Emanuela, Mark Anthony And Roberta: After the final confrontation, a rift opened between the two and The knight decided to meet another woman, Federica, who is in the studio today, and open up to dating as well RobertaWhich caused severe dissatisfaction in Emanuela. In the post-episode Knight Ed Emanuela They talked about the lady trying to go down to Lecce to make a gesture towards him. when Mark Anthony He meets his gaze Roberta behind her, Emanuela He gets upset and decides to let them talk. Roberta asks the Knight if he’s ready to go out with someone else The knight makes her understand that even though he cares, he still feels like he has something to discuss with her Emanuela, so the two do not see each other on the same evening. However, as expected Maria De Filippi The two saw each other afterward, talked and flirted in the studio Roberta He admits he’s glad he followed his instincts and reveals this She and Marc Anthony kissed several times. A short argument broke out between her and Emanuela.

The announcer reveals who he went out with Emanuela The next evening you have to go out with him again Roberta Tonight. Mark Anthony He enters the studio and… Emanuela She asks why, since they saw each other the night before, why he didn’t tell her about the kiss and the knight admits it’s because he saw her already so tired. Mrs. W Roberta They start the discussion, because Emanuela The rival did not have to stand in the way, but rather waited for everything between them to end. to Mark Anthonyinstead of, Emanuela makes it clear that she has no intention of continuing in this small theater. So, he gets up and sits down again.

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He snoops Gianni Who tells the lady that she backed out because she had no interest, but the latter responds in kind, reminding him that she only asked the knight to slow down his pace and match hers. when Mark Anthony Tell her things aren’t like that, Emanuela She snapped at him and reminded him that it didn’t take much for him to change his mind about them and his feelings. The argument calms down and it is clear that they are both very hurt. Marie The knight asks if he is with Emanuela Permanently closed and Mark Anthony He admits he still can’t get closure for him, but commentators have made his choice so far Roberta In the evening a clear answer. To the last Marie He asks if she wants to continue with the knight and the lady feels confused because she does not think that she is spiteful towards him and that he is disarming her with his way of acting. with regard to FedericaWhich we have heard very little about Mark Anthony He declares that he doesn’t want to continue because he clearly doesn’t care about her. In the end, the knight dances with… Roberta.

Men and women, rags fly between Ida Platano and Roberta di Padua: “Your grudge is called Riccardo Guarnieri.”

space for Classic throne with Ida And Roberta who lit up the studio with a heated discussion: Tronista accused the lady of always using the same methods and getting in her way when she saw a couple, while Roberta He scolds her for that Ida He’s been holding a grudge against her ever since the situation with him Ricardo Guarnieri. The tronista is not very upset, while the lady accuses her of being ashamed because after less than a month she broke up with her Alessandro Vicenanza It’s there in the program Channel 5 To look for another man.

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Constant rags and accusations fly between the two even Marie Doesn’t call Roberta To the study center because two suitors came for her. In light of the woman’s hesitation, commentators wonder if it was between her and him Mark Anthony Nothing else happened and what they said to each other why Roberta doesn’t seem convinced that she wants to let the new arrivals out. However, he accepts in the end, however But he didn’t decide to keep either of them. when Marie L asks Mark Anthony If he is happy with that Roberta After firing them, the knight says he likes assertive women who don’t hide behind deadlines. Emanuela reciprocates She admits that now she does not want to leave her number to anyone, but she is open to acquaintances from abroad.

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