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Marcuzzi and the unscrupulous Canalis on vacation: It's a challenge to sensuality

Marcuzzi and the unscrupulous Canalis on vacation: It’s a challenge to sensuality

Alicia Marcusi and Elisabetta CanalesOn those summer days in July, they enjoy a few weeks of vacation. Putting aside any kind of commitment to work and discontinuing projects for the future, They are getting their energy back To be able to face next season in the best possible way. However, they do not forget about their fans, who keep them updated through their social media profiles. And with their photos, they undoubtedly managed to attract attention.

On vacation, Alicia Marcusi and Elisabetta Canales brought not only loved ones and the desire to have fun and relax, but also So much femininity, so little unscrupulousness. This is confirmed by very similar photos that they posted on Instagram a few hours away from each other.

The first thing that made you hold your breath was Elisabetta Canalis who, after ascending to the rooftop, allowed herself to take a picture while sitting topless on the tiles and staring at the camera. Not long after the “likes” and comments appeared and far outweighed the few criticisms: on the other hand, the photo, despite being very sensualIt’s not cliched at all.

The Canalys, then reply to Fan curiosity Whoever wondered how he managed to rise to the surface unharmed, admit that the idea of ​​taking this photo has ancient origins: “I’ve been trying since last summer“.

Elisabetta Canalis is sexy on Instagram: the photo leaves you breathless.

A few hours later comes the shot, very similar to that of Canales, by Alicia Marcusi, who was on vacation in Sicily, She chooses the same situation as her colleague, also choosing topless. To encourage the presenter, her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi, who took the photo:

Yeah, – The presenter said – I’m in my underwear, but my husband said to me:Take off your clothes, I’ll take a crazy picture of you“.

And this time, too, the result was extraordinary: MarcuseWith her smile and loving look, It’s hyper-feminine and not vulgar at all. However, the similarity with the image of Canalis did not go unnoticed, and among the comments of some users, the challenge began. But there is no doubt, both are simply wonderful.

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In front of them are Canales and Marcuse A few more days off. before you get back to them work projectsWill they give us other beautiful pictures that will make you hold your breath?

Alicia Marcuse

Alicia Marcusi, Instagram beauty: The most exciting shot of her holiday in Sicily.