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What happened to Karima from Amici?  I faced that drama

What happened to Karima from Amici? I faced that drama

Have you ever wondered what happened to Karima? Sami’s voice for Amici for several years little has been said which also had a rough time.


The beautiful and talented Algerian Italo arrived on television in 1997 as a teenager to star in Bravo Bravissimo and Dominica Inn.. The explosion occurred in 2006 when he participated in the sixth edition of Amici di Maria de Filippi Winning the Critics’ Award but reaching the final third place. That adventure earned her a record deal with Sony BMG.

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as take off The great satisfaction of participating in the 2009 Sanremo Festival in the category of performances with the song Come every hour في. Two albums will be released in 2010, Karima and 2015 near you. He will also return to Amici in the big version, out in the second half and then out. Over time, she has also participated in The Best Years of Carlo Conti in 2013. Since 2018, she has never made her debut for Domenica In. Let’s go and discover her adventure.

Karim, that bad adventure


Karima had a bad adventure after participating in the Sanremo Festival in 2009. The Italian site, which deals with music, emphasized the variation of the authors in the song Come by the hour. On the album, they talk about Karima, Piero Frasi, and Mario Menicali while participating in a Bert Bacharach and Stephen Satter festival. Italian music festival regulations always and in any case require that the songwriters in the competition be Italian, at pain of violating the regulations.

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Interview by Rockol However, Italian artists have claimed to be their authors They discovered that every other hour written by Bacharach and Satter had been deposited in ASCAP and that it was the English version of the song. 2015 saw the end of this story using Karima and his agent were sentenced to pay Mario Minicagli twenty thousand euros. However, at the moment, not much is known about this situation, which indicates that the situation was very complicated for all involved.