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“She is also a beautiful woman, but ...”, an international cause - Libero Quotidiano

“She is also a beautiful woman, but …”, an international cause – Libero Quotidiano

She’s a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t listen.: Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin So I turned to an American journalist who was interviewing him. That’s why he was accused of sexual attitudes towards a newspaper reporter CNBCHadley Gamble. In fact, the political leader initially defined her as “beautiful” and “beautiful,” but immediately emphasized how unable to comprehend what he was saying.

The offending interview took place a few days ago during Russian Energy Week. While the subject of the dispute was gas prices. A topic apparently dear to Putin He didn’t like the journalist’s work style That was in front of him. And so he lost his patience, and, in the midst of the discussion, said: “She is a beautiful woman, really beautiful. But I tell her one thing and he immediately tells me the opposite, as if she had not heard what I said.”

“We are increasing supplies to Europe, Gazprom alone by 10%. Russia has increased supplies by 15%. We are increasing supplies, not reducing them. Did I really say something hard to understand? “Putin continued to respond in an angry manner after the reporter pressed him about the matter.

Here is the link to the video where Putin loses patience with the journalist

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